9 days officially

Hey !! No one is really reading my “blog” yet but since it’s up I feel obligated to bloooog. Haha

It’s about that time, I cut down my pile of dresses by 2! Which I’m proud of and my bf Chris says that I shouldn’t feel bad about bringing a lot of dresses because it’s MIAMI hello?! Plus I chopped the shorts n skirt pile in half (:

In other news: my little sister graduated from middle school yesterday! I’m excited to see her on my way across America. She is totally smart and fun, I can’t wait to watch her grow up.

Today something really crazy fun happened! Here is the story:

Last month I went out with Susy q and she borrowed her dads “fasttrak” since we were heading to the city. Anyways it didn’t register for whatever reason on my car and so I got a ticket of course.
One of the options when you get your first fasttrak ticket to clear it is to apply for a new account which I did today. I call in to register and totally clicked with the customer service tech. Turns out he is from my High School town, we were just vibing and coming across all these crazy coincidences. The phone call slghtweight made my day a Lil brighter not gunna lie.
I get home today and I have a FB add and message from this guy!! Turns out he and I have several mutual friends and he recognized my name on one of his friends profile pages!

Whole experience gave me more faith that I’m moving in the right direction in life and it feels great!

Soon I’ll think of a snazzy way to end my blogs. Until then PEACE!

Susy q is the blond. Chris my bf is to my left.

One thought on “9 days officially

  1. Ok… heres a comment! How about you bring ME all the skirts, shorts, and dresses you cut from your piles for Miami & let me take good care of them for the summertime! Just a thought 🙂 Love ya girl, have lots of fun & BE SAFE!!!


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