Rainy Day Bride Woes

She had risked going out to the nail shop and splurged to get her hair done. Today she was taking her engagement photos! Maig took a few extra minutes to do her makeup that morning. When she came out to the terrace of her ocean side condo her husband to be had laid out a … Continue reading Rainy Day Bride Woes

Here we are

I've gotten to the point where this Instagram Archive Project has caught up to itself! My first posts for the project were made in July 2017. This series of posts are from 2018! Crazyyyy I'm all caught up and I've got coronavirus to thank. Stay tuned. It's about time to rock and roll.

Fuel up.

What I'm reminded of as I look back on these photos is how important friendships are. Like food friendships are fuel for life. They will bring you up when you're down, make you laugh, and try new things. The best of them will tell you when you're wrong. I'm looking forward to making many more … Continue reading Fuel up.