Parking and Posessions(less)

Current situation: inside at the prestigious parking department of South Miami Beach. Some Cuban man just offered me a coffee?? Pushing the weirdo boundary that’s for sure. I’m here because I need a permanent parking permit. Parking on the beach is a nightmare.

This place is giving me a huge headache. If only people would go online and do a little research before coming down here and asking the same questions over and over. The poor old ladies that run the joint must be soooo fed up.

After i leave here i need to go on craigslist and see if i can find a bed. Mine is in CA…i miss it so. I have been sleeping on my air mattress. I have not decided yet if I want to bring all my belongings over….could be quite expensive. Or start over, but either way living with no possessions has been an experience to write about! …. Yay it’s my turn!

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