San Diego Dreamin

San Diego! One of the best cities in the State of California! And not just because of the massive amounts of avocados that are produced there. San Diego has amazing beaches, beautifully built homes, and a naval base. Who doesn’t love a sailor!?

Reminiscing about this trip to San Diego has me dreaming of my next visit there. Also pictured above was my first trip to the Jersey Shore. Earlier that month I had gone to visit Lauren in New York.

We took the train to Long Island to visit our friend Joanna. We spent about 2 hours looking for parking. I will never complain about Miami parking again. Lol. Joanna cooked us breakfast, then took us out for a day on the Jersey shore! We tanned at the beach and danced the night away at D’jais.  One of the weirdest things I remember from that trip was that they charged you to go on the beach?! I had never experienced that in all of my travels.

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