Thank you for your prayers – Shoe Saga conclusion

Ok guys, last night while en route to what I thought was a first date, this happened.

Just over a dozen of you sent in your prayers on Instagram. I thank you. Many also asked for an update.

Upon arrival I went immediately to the Vista bar and was greeted by the bartender. His first question: “Are you ok?” Lol. I must have had a look of panic on my face. Before I could get into detail about why, my date strolled up. (Sidenote, this guy is FIONE)

I mean tall, dark, and handsome F-I-O-N-E 🤓😻. He had a big smile on his face and gave me a hug. We sat down and I pretended like everything was all good. I’m as cool as a cucumber guys, your prayers were working.

But wait, this guy was looking very familiar 🧐🤔. Come to find out, we’ve met before! I digress. The date went well. Drinks, followed by dinner at Suviche and some shisha. We did some walking from one place to another and my shoes were not pleased with me.

By the end of the night they were completely destroyed. Immediately after hugging him goodbye I took a step and the right shoe completely snapped. It was over. The shoe had hung on for as long as it could but there was no saving it at this point. No amount of tape, jerry rigging, or rubber bands was going to help the situation.

I was 5 blocks from my car, and it was well after midnight on a Sunday. I had some choices. I could walk one foot bare and risk catching a virus, I could cash out for the shortest taxi ride in history.

I looked around, contemplating my options and to my right was my saving grace.

It was one of those Lyft scooters! I shoved the remains of my heel into my bag, the one time I decided to bring a purse with me #anotherblessing! I opened up my phone, I had battery, YES! Got on the Lyft app, scanned the code and within seconds I was scootin down the sidewalk with a breeze in my hair. Trip total $1.71. I felt like a million bucks guys.

So how did shoe saga conclude? I would say well.

Lessons learned:

1. Use your shit or our lose your shit

2. Bring a purse

3. Follow me on Instagram. You never know when something funny like this will happen again!

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