Work through

With grace she said

It burns like a leaf once green now dead

My pen to zen

Like a solo bird chirping through the night

Over and over inside the fight

With grace she said.

Ovals of a tree grown

Now cut down

To be made anew

Never wished for but saw the clues

With grace she said

Stretching through the mind

Searching for “the one” many say you’ll find

Heart still beating

Destined to become a memory fleeting

With grace she said

But what of the dealing

If color was a feeling

It would be black and blue

A stranger now, what a fool

With grace she said

Questions unanswered

Ghosted, the white lily never mattered

Crushed pages of a book

The whole world it shook

With grace she said

The path up the mountain is not easy

Language used just to please she

Penguins, two doves

Red hot lava, rise above

With grace she said

Walk the path

Try and run it won’t last

An ocean deep

Disturbing even the most peaceful sleep

With grace she said

For a future big made of laws

Never thinking about the calls

Look inside

Through seeping salty eyes, she tried and tried

With grace she said

The raven left with the message

For nowhere it was destined

Cold ice unfreezes

When the new spark seizes

With grace she said

Work through

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