Rainy Day Bride Woes

She had risked going out to the nail shop and splurged to get her hair done. Today she was taking her engagement photos! Maig took a few extra minutes to do her makeup that morning. When she came out to the terrace of her ocean side condo her husband to be had laid out a moderate display of edible goodies. Nothing to extravagant, Maig and her fiance Art were both watching their figures.

“Good morning baby” Art said while nuzzling a kiss onto her neck.

“Mmmmm” she mummered back, a few pieces of fruit had already hit her lips.

As they drove to the first photo shoot location Maig’s phone pinged. It was Gisele. She was planning on meeting them at location two, a little south of location one.

Art’s phone was next. It was the photographer calling. Change of plans.

Gisele confirmed she could meet the bride and groom at a different time tomorrow. They would have to try again. She sighed and sat down. What should she do with her day now? She thought to herself.

It was rainy, but she could get some work done outside. The rain would actually make it nice and cool. She picked up her phone chose her “upbeat” playlist, and made her way into the garden.

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