I woke up in a treehouse today

The beauty of this city has yet to escape me. With every visitor that comes, I'm able to see this city for all that it has to offer through their eyes. The picture set below from my Instagram posts around March 2014 included a little bit of everything! Family, Bella buns, mimosas, brunches, wine nights, … Continue reading I woke up in a treehouse today


The reality is coffee.

El Cafe. One of the best drugs on the market! Wait what...you can invest in drugs legally? YES. Certain ones. It's called commodities amigos. These were my days of "cold weather" in Florida. Which basically meant I stayed in the house watching reality TV shoes and making pizza from scratch. Life was good. 


BOOM. A word I use often. It really has a nice effect to describe how I feel about a moment. A moment that deserves a boom is like the period to the end of a sentence. It's like the doneness of a project. Instantaneous finality. Apparently, it comes from the Dutch word bommen, the word … Continue reading #boom