Couch Conversations – Olivia Davina

Another late night in Miami = another Couch Conversations at mi casa! This time I had the pleasure of chatting with 27-year-old Oliva Davina, bass player for the Holland-based reggae band The Dubbeez. We also did a fun photo shoot while she was in town! Check out the article and photo gallery on Tropicult, watch … Continue reading Couch Conversations – Olivia Davina



BOOM. A word I use often. It really has a nice effect to describe how I feel about a moment. A moment that deserves a boom is like the period to the end of a sentence. It's like the doneness of a project. Instantaneous finality. Apparently, it comes from the Dutch word bommen, the word … Continue reading #boom

Coast to coast

Why do I feel like I've used this blog title already.... 🤔 note to self - review previous blog titles. We're still in October 2013 people! Thanks for sticking around. I'm starting to think that it will be another 7 years before I finish this project. 😂 But in all seriousness let's talk about New … Continue reading Coast to coast