Happiness is a dish best served with others

Literally crying that I had posted about a throwback to when I got my first iphone. I remember the exact moment I decided I was going to switch from Blackberry to Apple. I was sitting in an Italian restaurant bar with my friend Lauren. The bartender had an iphone and he opened up the maps app to show us where to go, and that was it. Game changed instantly for me. Fast forward 10 years later and I have three iphones that I carry with me daily.

Continuing on….dayum this collection really has some cute ass pix celebrating good times! One that stands out is the one of my and my friend Chanel (the black and white photo). We had met up at the Wynwood Yard when it had just opened. It has since closed and has plans to move to a new location in Doral. I remember we ere having the best time with the photo booth they had set up. They used to also have a teepee! We were all about that life. Good times. Miss you Cici!

Another highlight was taking Bella to the beach. She hates it. I think the water scares her. LOL. The xmas photo features me in a jumpsuit that I picked up in the distributor shopping area in Miami. I later sold that jumpsuit on Poshmark. Of course I was traveling up a storm, with trips to New Mexico and Atlanta.

ALSO this collection captured the moment that I started hosting on Airbnb. You can see my FIRST guest ever in the photo of me riding the back of her bicycle. She came to Miami from Amsterdam and I took her out to the everglades. I rode my skateboard through Shark Valley until someone scolded me, and from there I just rode along the back of her bike. YAY! Only a few more years to go with this project. Leggo.

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