Happiness is a dish best served with others

Literally crying that I had posted about a throwback to when I got my first iphone. I remember the exact moment I decided I was going to switch from Blackberry to Apple. I was sitting in an Italian restaurant bar with my friend Lauren. The bartender had an iphone and he opened up the maps … Continue reading Happiness is a dish best served with others

No regrets

"If you never go after what you want in life, you will never have it." I love this quote and I also believe you reserve the right to change what you want in life at any given time. Take every situation as a learning and growth experience and no time is wasted. New information can … Continue reading No regrets

Blue moon and best friends

May quickly became June and a fast forward to the joy of July! The joy in life didn't pause for one minute! Trips to islands, back to the west coast for wedding celebrations, and positive vibes were themes for these photos.