Sharing is caring

I've started to reflect on what I want to learn from this project. One question that came to mind is: why do we share photos of ourselves, sometimes our most private moments for the world to see? When it comes to this collection of photos most of these I shared because they involved people that … Continue reading Sharing is caring


No regrets

"If you never go after what you want in life, you will never have it." I love this quote and I also believe you reserve the right to change what you want in life at any given time. Take every situation as a learning and growth experience and no time is wasted. New information can … Continue reading No regrets

takin’ Texas

Pro's and Con's of Texas: Pro's My grampa lives here Nice weather if you like breaking a sweat from sitting and breathing.... Great history REST STOPS!! I mean these bad boys are unbelievable. They have wi-fi, playgrounds for the kiddies, spacious clean bathrooms with moisturizing hand soap and auto flush, camera's everywhere (for safety) and … Continue reading takin’ Texas