takin’ Texas

Pro’s and Con’s of Texas:


  1. My grampa lives here
  2. Nice weather if you like breaking a sweat from sitting and breathing….
  3. Great history
  4. REST STOPS!! I mean these bad boys are unbelievable. They have wi-fi, playgrounds for the kiddies, spacious clean bathrooms with moisturizing hand soap and auto flush, camera’s everywhere (for safety) and you can see what the camera’s are recording at every location of the rest stop, well lit etc. Just fab overall.
  5. Cheap gas


  1. Speed limit is 70 and 65 at night….yikes! As big as this state is….how do they expect you to ever get through it at that speed?
  2. American flags larger then my apartment… and by that I mean my apartment complex…not really a con just kinda scary.
  3. Fatty food, fatty people, fattyness
  4. Fear of D.B.P. driving as a black person
  5. Signs at gas stations that say “watch for rattlers!” hahahaha
  6. Oil. blah.
  7. Bush (lol)

What are the pro’s and con’s of Texas that you can think of? Leave in the comment section 🙂

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