’tis a grand canyon indeed

Location: Findlay Toyota, Flagstaff, AZ

Local temperature 75 degrees

Current feelings: TIRED lol. Hungry. lol.

I had to stop off and get my 15,000k service on “the icebox” aka my Toyota Scion XD. It’s hard to believe that I bought this car, my first brand new car, in January and I already have put that many miles on it.

I wanted to get on and press about visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time, but am at a complete loss for words. The spectacular creation is not easily describable in words. Put visiting it on your bucket list.

I'm so glad i got to experience it with my brother!

looking down.

One thought on “’tis a grand canyon indeed

  1. It’s already on my list miss Lady- I got plans to hike the North rim – just haven’t set a date yet. The pictures are inspiring.


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