the 87501

I’m in my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico drinking an iced mocha at a local brewery (coffee and brews). My brother and I got in late Monday night and I literally passed out for approx. 10-12 hours.

I woke up and did some laundry and hung my clothes out to dry! My stepmom called me a city girl, it was really cute:

After being sustainable and hangin my clothes out to dry… lol, I headed into Santa Fe, about a 30 minute drive from my dads house in the small town of La Puebla, to meet up with my brother and dad for lunch. We ate at Maria’s ( basically they have over 100 different types of margaritas. YUMMY. I indulged on a couple since I was not driving and a margarita goes verrrry well with 80 degree desert weather.

at Maria's

One thing that is unique to this area of the country is the chile. Roasted in fall but delicious year round. Trying it should be on everyone’s bucket list. I prefer the green, but the red is good too. They put it on everything here: burritos, eggs, meatloaf, burgers, etc.  After lunch Josh and I met my sister Kelsey and some of her friends at the Hilton pool dowtown. 🙂 None of them are staying at the hotel but I guess the locals just walk in to all the pools and no one really minds…..I promptly fell asleep for about 4 hours hahaha.

kelsey jumping into the pool
waking up from my siesta

On Tuesday nights there is a few things going on in Santa Fe. One is an open mic down on Canyon rd, and another is a reggae party done by DJ Sol ( I was happy to be able to check out the reggae night again since I’m in town on Tuesday.

On my drive home there was a lightning storm. Santa Fe is 7,000 ft altitude ish. So the lightning is SO bright and right there. It was just lightning and no rain or thunder. It was amazing. Lit up the whole sky. Beautiful. Sorry no pics available. 🙂

My stepmom who works the craziest hours as a 1st grade teacher has been driving my little sister to her cheer practices that start at 6:30 A.M. yup. crazy right…Kelsey made varsity as a freshman!! So today I woke up and drove her to give Gail a break and let her sleep in. Of course after I dropped her off…which was a crazy story in itself involving like 30 speedbumps lol, I needed coffee pronto. Ugh all they got round here is Starbucks. Soooo it was watered down hot chocolate for me. Tonight….another reggae show. Its hard to get on the road and leave Santa Fe. Its like laid back heaven here. The motivation I have is thinking about the more good times to come when I hit the road! I’ll be bloggin all about it, bout’ it! Peace!

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