week 1

WOW! It’s been awhile…so I will give as big of an update as possible regarding what has gone down this past week!

Sunday: I got into Miami and promptly fell asleep! My good friend B was kind enough to let me squat until I found a place…that was great! He introduced me to his group of friends, they are all VERY cool. I promise I’ll post pics asap! We went out that night to a local place I don’t remember the name…lol but it was fun.

Monday: My first day at work… It was crazy!! SLASH Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

Wednesday is the day that I met my new roomie Sophia. She, is, awesome. We work together, she goes to UM and lives with three other girls, they have a pool which I enjoyed this morning because it is a consistent 90 degrees at all times here. We went out for my first night in Miami on……

Friday: which was also Sophia’s birthday! We went to “the grove”. “The grove” is a collection of blocks where a lot of bars are.

OK that’s about it… haha sorry its been a long week. I’ve had to drive a long way from work this week, but now I live closer and can get down to miami bizness!

Promise to blog more consistently so I can give you details! Peace loves! Miss you all!!!

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