t’is hurricane season

Miriam is in Miami! Giving a new reason to call it hurricane season! hahaha…. Seriously though, I am taking this city by storm! Before I go into week 2 and week 3 here are the pictures that I promised regarding week 1:

My new roomies! Missing Steph and Elle. Sophia(far left) and I met at work (Environment Florida PIRG)

and also pictures of B’s friends that I heart SO much. I’m sad that they all live more then an hour away from MB (miami beach:) hehe I am learning the lingo…)

becoming new friends over a few strawberry mojitos at Zed!

So yes, week 1 went by quickly and then I had a visit from some of my Cali girls!! They SWEAR they came to visit ME during 4th of July weekend in Miami lol…

Cali girls to Miami!

While they were here I gave them use of my car while I was at work. They were able to do the everglades ! They even held gators! Poor lil guys are on display everywhere here for tourists. During the night we went out! Miami venues do not close until 5:00am so people generally leave the house or in our case, hotel, until about 2:00am. The nightclubs that we went to were called:

1. LIV 2. Mansion 3. Cameo ……….You can fin information about them here: http://www.mansionmiami.com, www.cameomiami.com, www.livnightclub.com

LIV by faaaaaar was the best of the three. So gorgeous inside, amazing light set-up and decor. The drinks are outrageously priced! Were talking $18 for a glass of champagne. One gentleman bought a round for us and then his card was declined!! Yikes!Sticky lil situation for him….

One of the days they were here we rented VESPA’s!! This was a lil adventure!

Chantel getting a ride "tutorial" from the vespa guy....

The hotel concierge hailed a cab to take us to the scooter spot she made arrangements with. On this day Germany was playing some other country in the World Cup. When we arrived the scooter employees were very engrossed in the game. After about an hour of trying to get them away from the T.V. for long enough to take our deposit and secure us scooters we finally were ready for our tutorial on how to drive these bad boys around. ( A lot of people use them as normal transportation on SOuth Beach. I looked into buying one they are about $2000 for a cheap one brand new)

Anyways the “tutorial” consisted of 1. This is the gas, 2. This is the brake. 3. Have fun you break it you buy it!!!! Hahaha crazyyyy! So anyways these guys were a total mess running an operation that supplies vehicles to people in pure party mode. I found it all quite hilarious.

It was very nice to have girls in town with me for the 4th of July festivities, and I will never forget watching the fireworks on the beach, and the fun times we had during the visit!!! Love you ladies!!

Week 3 I was in full recovery mode. I had a lot of work to do as well. I was training a lot of people and the hours are really long to work out in the hot sun. By the time Thursday came around…I was missing the beach. So on Friday I put in my resignation with my job!! lol.

I went on a few interviews this week and landed one job so far. It is a pretty crazy thing…I’m actually just getting home and I am tired! So I am off to bed. Hope you are all well. Sorry I did not post, but thank you for pushing me to continue! This blogging thing is harder then people make it sound! PEACE!

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