state of public service

WARNING: this is not a happy press…….

At my job with Florida PIRG I trained Alyssa. A few days after I left PIRG I bumped into her at Sunset, which is a place where PIRG often signs up new members. She was working with some new PIRG employees so I stopped and chatted with them all for a few minutes. One of the employees I met up with to go see Twilight later that week. I picked this person (who shall remain nameless) up at Barnes and Noble. After I asked where they wanted to be dropped off, and they told me that they were homeless.

At that point I did not know what to do. I could not bring them back to my place, A. Because I don’t know them,  and B. I just moved here. I also had plans to meet up with another friend after the movie. I spent the next few hours dealing with the situation.

In my heart I could not just leave this person on the street. I tried calling and finding shelters, and bringing them to a motel. I would have paid for the motel room for the night except last week my ATM card was lost/stolen. Part of me was very frustrated that I had been unwillingly and unknowingly brought into this situation. I was upset that this person decided to go to the movies, spend $20 on the ticket and snacks for them self and acted as if life was normal when after they had $12 and could not afford a hotel room.

While driving around looking for a shelter I saw a police officer. I pulled over so that the situation could be explained to the officer, in hopes that the officer would take over and handle it. HA. He was not affected by the story at all or by the fact that if he was not able to help this 19 year old individual they would be sleeping on the streets of his city.

At this point I felt so internally conflicted with what was right or wrong to do in this situation so I called my mom. She reminded me that I did not chose to be involved in this, and that I should be thankful that thus far in my life I have made choices that have led me to the point where I am not living on the streets. She assured me that what was best was to no longer engage.

I dropped him off, and as I did it began to rain. Pour rain. The way that I felt at that moment is a feeling that I will never forget. I am changed due to this experience and it has made me realize that although not all experiences are good they are all worth having and can be appreciated for what you take away from them.

PEACE and love blessings say a prayer right now for those that are less fortunate.

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