The unknown

What is it about the unknown that is so powerful. Is it fear of the unknown, is it joy, is it temptation, there are additional words I could list.

With all the new opportunities that I have in front of me this question came up. My gf Chris said pointed out to me that when I came here to Miami I had NO idea what I was doing, what was to come, what lied in front of me. At first it was a temporary adventure, but it has now turned into a permanent life choice.

I still feel excited about my move here, but at the same time, now if I were to go back that is failure. Not that I am considering that! Before…going back was just “the plan”.

I found myself homesick this evening, and I know I have not blogged in awhile. I’m sorry about that. Many good things have came along since my move here and I am happy.

Until next time: smile genuinely. Peace!

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