Hacked my way back


Well. It has been awhile. I’ve been doing some writing again, and thought it might be good to restart the blog up as kind of like a practice exercise. 

First thing I had to do was figure out my login. Can you believe that this account was tied to my old, take a seat, “HOTMAIL” account😳. lol 

I didn’t remember what my password was, I didn’t even remember what this blog URL was! I actually looked up miamivirtue…which is owned by someone else. Then I found it on my FB account. I guess I had put it there as my website URL years ago. 

Several password guesses and email exchanges with WordPress support, I was back in! I hacked my own blog guys! 

Well here is a recent pic, and I’m looking forward to writing to old friends, current ones and hopefully some new ones too. 

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