Staycation & west coastin

After a weekend getaway to Fort Lauderdale, I headed to the west coast for a friends wedding, and a quick stop in Vegas for Labor Day weekend. 😏 Since moving to Florida my trips back home have always been important. I left my entire life there, and much to my surprise it continued after I left. 😂

My friends got married, started families, and the neighborhoods changed. Here in Miami, when people find out I moved from California, they are sometimes shocked. Here are two of the common questions I get and answers.

A: The question behind this is really why would you leave beautiful California for Miami. I have to explain to people that Northern California is a lot different, although still beautiful, than Southern California, which is what people are picturing.

Q: Which do you like better?
A: I always think this one is a little funny, I don’t like either better, I like them both equally for different reasons, and Miami is my home for now. Maybe in a future post I’ll write about the similarities and differences between the two.

More photos from the trip are up on my instagram!

Kimi 💕
Carter! 💕

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