Bay Area Favorites

To go along with my most recent blog post I thought I would share a few of my favorite spots in the Bay Area that I always try to hit up when I’m in town.

1. Arizmendi

My mom introduced me to this bakery. We would walk the lake and then finish up our work out with a few slices of pizza. Sometimes an entire pie if it was something particularly delicious. Arizmendi features a different type of pizza every day. If you happen to visit I recommend trying the Corn Cherry scones as well. They go perfectly with a latte from Peets Coffee which is across the street.

2. Taqueria Ramiro & Sons

During the lunch period of my high school days I could be found here often. Now I avoid it during those hours because its still busy. The burritos here cannot be beat, accompanied by great service by familiar faces. Ask for avocado, they will add it, remember to bring your cash, and grab a authentic Mexican popsicle from the freezer for dessert.

3. Burma Superstar

Oh how I long for good asian food when I’m in Miami… So of course when I’m home I fill up on it. The San Francisco location is my go to spot, but they have several other locations as well. Do not make the mistake of ordering normal rice. Get the coconut rice. The coconut rice.

4. Toomies

Another one of my asian staples. The first place I had and fell in love with Coconut Curry Soup

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 2.00.07 PM.png

5. Pacific Nails

Need a lil spa time on a budget? Go see Vann and she will hook you up. All jokes aside when I moved to Miami, this nail shop was one of the places I missed the most. Nail services in Miami cost a fortune, and its been a struggle finding a good place. These days my gardening prevents me from doing my nails, but it was a struggle for awhile.

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