Caribbean island hoppin 

According to the gram, I continued to put my passport to good use during the months of September and into November, traveling to the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. Both places I've visited a few times since and recommend.

The "DR" is an interesting place to me. On my first visit there I fell in love. Some of the freshest produce I've ever tasted, and very cool historical sites. The people of the Dominican Republic are fellow life lovers, and find humor and joy in everything. I have had the pleasure of returning to this country for work and pleasure in the past few years. However, it would be a failure to my humanity if I didn't mention the "situationship" between them and neighboring Haiti.


I won't go into to much detail here, but I was shocked in 2015 to find out during one of my trips that Haitians were being lynched in the Dominican. In this day and age. I'm not ashamed to admit that until that moment I didn't even know that these two countries shared the island.  I'm looking forward to taking my first trip to Haiti later this year, and blogging about the experience. For now hope you enjoy these throwbacks from my time in the DR, and the beautiful Bahamas!


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