Origins of my obsessions

The use of the word origin here is definitely not completely accurate since a lot of these interests of mine didn't start in 2012, but many years ago back tracing back to my childhood.

Gardening. I grew up in nature, and one of the positives of living in the suburbs of Florida I had the luxury of time + good weather to get back into it!

Video games. I grew up fighting with my brothers over who got to be first player in Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers. As an adult I've moved on to games like Unchartered and Resident Evil.

Shake Shack. Ok, this one I didn't have growing up, but I'm definitely obsessed. Since I don't eat beef I always get the shroom burger. But for those of you that do enjoy meat, try the Shake Stack. It's a combination of the shroom burger and a beef patty.

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