Christmas in Nuevo Mexico

Like I always say “new year, same me!” Well except for this year I apparently cut myself bangs 😂



Later that month I went visit mi familia in my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. My dad was hard at work developing his Roots Drink, a recipe he has known all his life. My dad is a trained chef. The beverage is made of six roots, some herbs, and island spices. It’s brewed in an oak barrel with agave nectar and it’s delicious. During this holiday we created the menu of suggested alcohols to mix with the drink. My favorite is mixing it with Scotchy scotch.



Also during the visit I went to the hot springs,




Got some shredding 🏂 in on the slopes,



Ate some of my favorite food,



And hung out at my dads radio station!



I returned home to find that my garden was doing well.


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