Counting blessings 2

It’s def that time again. Considering this week my house was robbed and I electrocuted myself trying to fix my hot water heater 😂.

Sigh…life is so crazy sometimes.

Want more info on why I count my blessings? … reference this earlier post.

Blessings count numero dos!

  • I got to travel this month to see some amazing art and also my family. The trip was meant to be relaxing because I’ve been working so much lately. But I ended up working a lot. I also saw so much incredible art. New Mexico left me feeling super inspired. Below is a pic of me and my little sister Kelsey. She is so smart, she’ll be graduating soon and may come live in Miami! I’m so proud of her!
  • Both of my Airbnb guests are amazing. They have been so understanding given the situation. One of them even helped me fix my fence a little! It’s still damaged from Irma.
  • Several of my articles have been published recently and my first book is almost done. I am blessed that I can read and write. So many people in this world can’t even say they have that much and they are still happy.

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