#winning! From NC to The Keys

What a great group of pictures for this post. One of the pictures that stands out the most is the photo of the email I received from Guess. I had entered a contest and WON!

This win meant a lot to me because I had been on a strict shopping budget. I always knew I wanted to be a home owner. It was around this time I put actions into place to make that dream a reality.

One of the first actions I took was giving up shopping. I didn’t shop, did not buy a single item for at least a year. All those savings went to my first home down payment. I did other things as well which I’ll probably detail in a future post.

So this win of a $500 gift card was extremely helpful in keeping my wardrobe up to date at the time!

I also visited the keys, a miami staple and North Carolina, a beautiful state. I had been before, and have gone many times since. On this visit I was able to visit the Sorority house for Sigma Sigma Sigma. Which I am a proud alum of. None of the sisters were home at the time, but the house was beautiful. Looking forward to my next trip there.

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