Went to London, went to France (part 2)

Continuing the update of my first Euro trip, in addition to Spain, I also was able to visit London, France, and Italy. The big 3. This may have been when I picked up my head tilt pose… (see evidence below).

Italy was amazing. I can’t wait to go back and explore that country in more detail. I love the history of that country. I was shocked to find out that the unemployment rate is so high. The art is what I’m most excited to explore when I go back. During this visit my “love for art” was definitely not as strong as it is today!

London was an adventure! I drove a car the British way while I was there. VIDEO EVIDENCE ON THE GRAM! I drove all the way from London to Manchester for a “football” game. In the rain. It was WILD and loads of fun. I also had some of the best surprisingly french food while I was there!

Paris had great weather. It was quite expensive though! But maybe that was just because of the shopping that I did while in town!

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