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On Monday, May 21st I sat down with Brianna Flemings. We chatted about a lot. Being an entrepreneur, dating, and her new book! Check out the article on Tropicult, and read more details below.

“Ok, give me the basics? ASL” 😂

I’m 22 years old, was born in Atlanta (but lived in many places. My mom was born in NY, grew up in Harlem and my dad grew up in Philly. I identify as black but I also have Puerto Rican in me. I don’t’ speak Spanish. People always assume I’m black and white because of the ashy brown hair, but when it comes down to it were all black. We’re all from Africa. The cops think I’m black and they treat me like I’m black so I know I’m black. We’re all one.

We both share an uncomfortable laugh at the thought of reality. “Can you tell the people, (we’re of course streaming this live on Instagram), how we met?’

I was volunteering at a mural painting after the Pulse shooting and met TC Chambers. At a follow-up meeting with TC at the CIC, I met you. It was exciting to meet another strong, female entrepreneur.

“Awww thank you! Ok, let’s go back to that time in your life. Vybez, the app that you built was about to launch. It was an exciting time. How is the app going?”

People always ask what’s going on with the app. They wonder why it doesn’t do this or that. Vybez is always a work in progress. Instagram has 1000s of employees to just do one thing, it’s just me building this app. 10 years from now it still may not be where I want it to be, it’s not just about the app it’s about the story. It’s little by little, step by step. But I take precautions. That’s why I got my computer science degree plus a minor in marketing. Vybez will be having a creative networking event in July.

I know exactly what she’s talking about and where she is coming from. It’s shocking to me that she has to defend her work at times. For crying out loud she’s was 21 when she launched this app and she was going to school and working full-time when she did it. Can I get an “amen!”👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

“Launching the app was, of course, a big moment for you. What were some other memorable ones from this past year?”

Graduation was also a big moment, everyone expected me to cry, but I was just so happy to be done. Going to school every day. My parents expected me to do it but they didn’t expect me to do all the other things that I was doing. But I thought why not, what makes these other entrepreneurs different from me. Not everyone has the same opportunities but we all have a life. After a certain age, it’s all on you. It’s your choice if you want to be more than average. And I’ve never been average. I realized that a long time ago. When I was a kid I would sell paper on the street. Like actual paper.

She’s talking about one of these: 😂Image result for paper fortune teller

I was also into sneaker flipping, I was getting wholesalers in high school. But that business failed because I didn’t have the marketing behind it. During basketball season I would sell a lot. I was making more money doing that than while working at Cinnabon That mindset of knowing I can do it has always been with me. 

“Let’s get your take on a few other things.”

On self-care:

I get 7 hours of sleep a night and work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I make sure I’m in bed by 12:30. I also get b12 shots. I found an awesome Groupon! 

On business:

You are your biggest critic. It’s easy to see other people doing great things and wonder dang how come I’m not doing this or worth that, or if people aren’t willing to pay your prices it can cause doubt. But after a while, I learned that those are not my clients. I had to find the people who are not my age. Those people are like me and don’t want to pay! I have to find the people that don’t have the time to do what she can do on their own. But even if people don’t have the money, I am constantly asking: ok fine, but what can you help me with? Trading services. 

On advice:

Be consistent and don’t be lazy.  I used to be hard on myself about not where I wanted to be, but I realized I used to find the easy way out even in life I have and that’s what I have stopped doing. I was an athlete from practically 2nd Grade to my senior year of high school. I could’ve easily been scouted to D1 schools if I put in more work because I was already a good basketball player, but I should’ve been great. I strive for greatness now. When I look back at my time in high school, I could have applied myself more to basketball. I was good, but I could have been excellent.  If I would have been better I could have gotten college paid for.

On dating:

For me, I feel that she I should date women that are living the same life as me and understand my lifestyle.  

On technology:

Instagram is not going anywhere. It’s not going to slow down for another 5 years or so. MySpace failed because they gave too much in the beginning and their interface wasn’t meant to be an app after a while. Desktop is dead, it’s dusty. Mobile apps and things like that are staying in forever, these phones will be holographic one day! 

On her influences:

Missy Elliot, LaLa Anthony, Timbaland, Princess Nokia. I like her musical style and influence. She creates her own everything, has her own style. 

I nod in agreement and later google Princess Nokia 😅





“If you could model for any brand who would it be?”

Want to model for Adidas. It’s reasonably priced and clean, and since I played sports  I’ve always liked them. 

“What’s next?”

I want to get vocal lessons, and my e-book Think Outside the Box is coming out! 

“That’s exciting! What is the book about?”

There are so many ways to make money, and I’ll be talking about them. How to engage your followers, how to turn your social media into profit and reach out to people. I’ll talk about how to find networking events. I’ll go into whats worth paying for and whats not worth paying for. Like paying for a party vs a networking event. Think about choices. There are so many mistakes that millennials are making. It’s ridiculous.  This book is real. I actually cuss in it. There is a chapter called “let it the fuck go”.  People let their personal life mess up their business life. Being in a weak and vulnerable state can actually get you to create your best content. Take that hurt and make something out of it. PASSION INTO PROFIT. The book will show you how to take that hurt, and learn how to not only make money but learn how to become a better person for yourself. It will be very reasonably priced. For less than the cost of a subscription and this is something that you can read whenever you want mobile or desktop. The first 100 people to sign up will get the ebook for free.

“Sign me up!” 


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