Be a pineapple

It was right before this batch of photos that I experienced the event that led to some the start of the creative projects that I have been working on for the last several years. At this point I don’t remember whether I had lost my phone, or brought it into the Apple store and they did some odd “fix” to it or what not, but I do remember that I lost all of my photos from my birthday trip to Costa Rica, and I had to get another phone to travel with for my trip to Peru.

I was in between a few months before my upgrade was due so I ended up getting a rink a dink phone to hold me over. That phone got damaged during my Peru trip, followed by an awful experience with my phone carrier back in the US, and fast forward to a few months later I was a full blown artist. LOL.

Only finding out later that all of these events were related, even this Instagram archive project. It’s crazy that it’s taken me this long to get this project completed but my art series has come at it’s own pace. This series, which I’ve now named Cluttered Clarity was out of my control for the most part, but I learned so much from it.


Some posts from May/June 2016

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