Remember that time when….

– I organized a speed dating event at the Bikini Hostel on South Beach and met some really cool people

– I agreed to have a random girl stay at my house because my friend who was supposed to come visit Miami with her for her birthday cancelled last minute. That random girl ended up becoming one of my DAY 1s. Hellen I love you. All ways, always

– I became a photographer for my friend because she needed some photos for her blog

– I danced and drank until the morning light in the best nightclubs Miami has to offer

– I celebrated birthdays with friends pool and beachside, ordering drinks and food, laughing and taking selfies

– I wore a bralet with a mini skirt because IDGAF

– I had my core shaken by an awful experience in a rideshare. Rose above, conquered my fear, and moved forward with my life although I still experience traumatic after shocks from it to this day

– I had my first SXSW experience totally VIP style, and failed at taking a shot

– I toured some of the most expensive Wynwood Airbnbs, with no central AC charging upwards of $150 a night for a studio

– I found my favorite tree in Morningside park, tried to lay under it and realized that actually a tribe of ants lived there first

– I ate way to many mangos from the tree in my backyard

– I would buy flowers weekly to have in the house fresh. Shout out to Zoom Bloomz best florist in Miami

– I drank expensive champagne regularly

– I met a real life unicorn.

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