Counting blessings 4

YAY! This post comes at a time when I have not experienced something horrible. Just like my last blessings post, I'm simply feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and feel compelled to share! Today during my meditation I decided to end it by saying thank you specific family members. My grandparents on my dad's side. Both now … Continue reading Counting blessings 4



BOOM. A word I use often. It really has a nice effect to describe how I feel about a moment. A moment that deserves a boom is like the period to the end of a sentence. It's like the doneness of a project. Instantaneous finality. Apparently, it comes from the Dutch word bommen, the word … Continue reading #boom

takin’ Texas

Pro's and Con's of Texas: Pro's My grampa lives here Nice weather if you like breaking a sweat from sitting and breathing.... Great history REST STOPS!! I mean these bad boys are unbelievable. They have wi-fi, playgrounds for the kiddies, spacious clean bathrooms with moisturizing hand soap and auto flush, camera's everywhere (for safety) and … Continue reading takin’ Texas